miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

Maybe one day.

Maybe one day, I can speak and talk about me in english, but now only is my first tentative for start. Sorry for my lack spellings, but there's always a first time to start.

How can to live without problem?

Everyday the people was making the question  over  how to live. How can to live without problem? But really is very difficult answer that question. I think that living is the action the learning. everyday the people has one new lesson. In my live i wish walk and talking with my children and my grandchildren every time that i  wishing, but my true is other. My familie was broken I live far, and everyday my thoughts fly with them.
Every day I have to start a new story and the new path where I can walk alone. Is very difficult, when dreaming is just that a dream.
Years ago, my dreams to start with my children, with my family, today I get up every day without ilusion for the life is similar to a clock that strikes the hours just because their handles are moved. I hope what one day i can laugh from within.

Ellas mantienen pensamientos y sentimientos silenciados en cada letra y frase que quedaron plasmadas en esas cartas que jamás encontraron el instante preciso de ser enviadas,
a quien las quisimos hacer llegar, distancias que se acercaban y que quedaron inscritas en el añil de un papel sutilmente perfumado.
Cartas dulcemente esperadas,
Otras veces fueron la forma de concluir un cuento que se creyo perpetuo en el tiempo.
Muchas son las cartas que se guardan como tesoros secretos de un tiempo, un sentir, una suplica, un amor y desamor al mismo tiempo.
Quien no ha comenzado con una misma frase…..
Querido Amor.